I have developed an interest about my heritage.


We all have similar stories.  We all have history and I believe it provides us an insight to who we are today.  Web technology allows me to share mine with those who may have an interest.


Rich Jackson

(Richard Cole Jackson)




My paternal grandfather Frank Jackson died when I was five and my grandmother Gertrude remarried Ollie (O.D.) Hamlin when I was 7.  He is the only grandfather I really remember and I always called him the “Judge”, because he was just that.  My grandmother’s maiden name was Cole and her grandfather Rector E. Cole was the 4th dentist to practice in Oakland.  He was very active with the Board of Education and became its first president.  He has a street in East Oakland and had a school in West Oakland (now closed) named after him.  My middle name is “Cole”, the “C” of RCJ. 



A Jackson Furniture recap:


Jackson Furniture was located in downtown Oakland for 76 years. In 1960 Jackson’s was the largest furniture merchant west of the Rockies. It was established in 1889 by Henry Kennedy Jackson who settled here from Jefferson, Maine. The Federal Building now sits on the footprint of Jackson’s. In 1964 Jackson’s had store locations In Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Hayward, Oakland (2), San Francisco (design showroom), and 2 locations within Takashimaya in Japan.  Over the years Jackson’s also had stores in Sacramento, Richmond and Vallejo. In 1965 Jackson’s got into a financial crunch and the bank pulled the plug.  My dad held on to Pacifica Designs (the S.F. showroom and Japan locations).  Many employees owned Jackson’s stock and my dad bought it all back at face value.


Lord Hari


From the Oakland Heritage Alliance


Jackson’s gift to Berkeley fire victims


My dad and his dad at the Claremont CC


My Great Grandfather's Obituary #1


My Great Grandfather's Obituary #2


My Grandfather’s Obituary


My Grandfather’s Picture w/ my Grandmother


Clipping of my parent’s wedding


The Judge with my Grandmother


My dad with a good friend of the “Judge”


The House in which I grew up


A historical perspective of Oakland published in the Sunday Oakland Tribune June 18, 1916


“Pacifica”, a Chinese Junk my dad had made in Hong Kong in 1960 and moored at Jack London Square


“Double Life” from the SF Examiner circa 1958


Full page ad from the November 22, 1963 Oakland Tribune with John Wheatman (the day after Kennedy was shot)


Half page ad from the November 22, 1963 Oakland Tribune advertising a Motorola TV


From Life Magazine

·        Eastward Ho (March 1952)

·        Hammock (the photograph was taken in my Grandmother’s backyard in Ross) (July 1957)





My Dad’s “Recollections” and Pacifica Designs